The Exciting Wishmaster Slot Machine Game

Have your wish of winning a big jackpot come true with this popular Net Entertainment video slot. The Wishmaster is based on the famous Arabian Nights tale of Aladdin and his magic lamp. It has been gaining players around the world because of its cool graphics and mysterious music. Players also like that this game lets you have up to three features active at the same time.

The Wishmaster is a five reel slot with three rows of symbols. The minimum bet is twenty cents while you can go as high as € 100 per spin. And the maximum jackpot? At 900, 000 coins, it really could grant your wishes to strike it rich.

The Wishmaster Casino Slot Machine Game Functions and Features
Symbols shown on the reels include masks with large gem stones and the letters that represent playing cards from Jack to Ace. There are also special symbols for Wild. Wild symbols can appear on any reel, both during the main game and when the Wishmaster feature is triggered. The Wild symbol can substitute for any other symbol, except the Scatter, when it forms a winning bet line.

The Scatter is a major component of this game. The Scatter symbol is a papyrus scroll, along with Aladdin’s lamp. During the main game, whenever this symbol appears, the genie will be released from his lamp. Your reward for setting him free is not three wishes but he will randomly throw a special game feature (either extra Wilds, Expanding Wilds, Random Wilds, Selected Symbol Wilds or Multipliers) in the upper left corner over the reels. These features will initially be active for ten rounds. Extra rounds show up on the counter when new Scatter symbols appear during the Wishmaster feature.

Expanding Wilds will randomly spread to other symbols on the reels. If the genie throws Random Wilds into the inventory and there are still rounds displayed on the counter, any symbol appearing on the reels can be turned into a Wild symbol. Stacked Wilds consist of three Wild symbols piled up. If the genie has thrown Selected Symbol Wilds in the inventory, the specific symbol appearing on the reels after a spin (and with rounds still on the counter) will turn into a Wild symbol. When the genie throws x2 or x3 multipliers into the mix, all money won after that during the Wishmaster feature will be multiplied by that number.

Our Take on The Wishmaster Online Slot Machine
The Wishmaster is best known for its amazing graphics and cool functions. It can also be set so the resolution can be decreased for those with slower wifi connections and the sound and animation can be turned off for those who want to speed the game up or just don’t care about a game’s soundtrack.

More important though, and why people really like it, is because the Wishmaster has a high theoretical cash back rating at 96.6%.

Try your luck with The Wishmaster online slot machine game at either at the online casino casumo casino uk or the casino. This being said, always make sure to read reviews first on a site that serves for more a secure experience gambling online, especially if it is your first time! If you want to play the wishmaster slot machine with real money with a chance to win big.